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About The MLS - Helping You To Understand Its Role In Selling Your Home!

Real Estate Companies Join The MLS Board

Why? To allow agents from other companies the opportunity to sell their listings.

MLS Companies Cooperate with Each Other

This means any Realtor on the board will be able to show your home to their buyers.

How We Reach MLS Agents - When we get into our marketing plan for your home, we’ll show you how we get MLS agents excited about your home.


The Marketing Plan For Your Home

The reason why you pay a fee to hire a Realtor to sell your home.


The Pricing Plan For Your Home - the current market value of your home.

Selling A Home Is EASY… When Handled PROFESSIONALLY!


YOUR Decision…

To Hire A Realtor Is Based Upon The PLAN, Not Just The Price!


The Marketing Plan For Your Home!

• A marketing plan will vary from real estate company to real estate company.

• A marketing plan will also vary from agent to agent depending upon experience.


The Pricing Plan For Your Home!

• The price range of your home will not vary between companies

since it is determined based upon current market facts that are:

a) available to all companies, and

b) not in the control of any one particular company.


Realtors Control MARKETING PLANS, But Never Market Price!


There Are 12 Reasons Why You Will Benefit By Having Me Represent You To Sell Your Home! Helping You To…

1 Identify Your Selling Goals!

2 Attract More Buyers!

3 Market “Inside-Home” Effectively!

4 Market “Outside-Home” Effectively!

5 Reach Buyers Through The MLS!

6 Reach Buyers Through The Internet!

7 Qualify The Buyer!

8 Negotiate With The Buyer!

9 Assist The Buyer With Financing!

10 Keep The Buyer After The Sale!

11 Stay Informed At All Times!

12 Determine The Best Asking Price!


 Selling Your Home Is So Important That It Deserves A Thorough Review

Before You Select A Realtor!

Reason # 1 - Helping You To Identify Your SELLING GOALS!

What You Want Is…

• The MOST MONEY you can get!

• As QUICKLY as you can get it!

• And with the FEWEST PROBLEMS!


Reason # 2 - Helping You To Make Your Home More ATTRACTIVE To Buyers!

Through My Experience…

I know the reasons why people buy and, more importantly, do NOT buy homes!


For Example… Most buyers are concerned about having enough space to place their furniture in the family room. Yet many sellers have so much furniture in the family room that it tends to make it look smaller and unsatisfactory, turning away an otherwise interested buyer.


There’s MORE… To Selling A Home Than Simply Putting A Sign On The Lawn!


Do You Know…

The Average buyer inspects 11 homes before deciding on one to purchase?

This Means… 10 other homes are competing against yours.

The Winner Will Be…

The one who can best bring out the details of a home

in such away as to encourage the buyer to MAKE AN OFFER.


But Don’t Worry; We Have A System That Puts The Odds In YOUR FAVOR!

My 21 Proven Tips For A Quick And Carefree TOP DOLLAR SALE!

I Am Absolutely Determined…

To make sure your home COMPETES SUCCESSFULLY against the competition.

I Am Absolutely Determined…

To make sure your home has every possible SALES ADVANTAGE.

A Simple Solution for Success!

This is accomplished through a simple 21 POINT CHECKLIST.

It reviews and resolves key buyer sensitive issues when viewing a home.


Reason # 3 Helping You to MARKET “Inside-Home” Effectively!

Two Time-Tested and Proven Showing STRATEGIES

to cause a buyer to take notice when viewing your home!

GOOD Features Highlighted through in-home

DISPLAY BROCHURES providing a feature summary of your home.

IMPORTANT Features Highlighted through in-home

DISPLAY CARDS used to highlight a specific feature during showing.


It’s in the SMALL DETAILS That Your Home is Noticed and Remembered!


Good Features Are Highlighted Within A Feature Summary Brochure!

We’ll make a summary list outlining all the good features in your home.

I’ll then make enough copies so buyers can take one home after their viewing. When buyers are viewing homes, they usually do so in groups, up to 11 homes at a time. Since they are viewing so many homes, they may forget or confuse your features with the features of the other homes.


Can you see that kind of thing happening if feature brochures were not used?

Feature Brochures Can Tip The Odds In YOUR FAVOR!

Important Features Are Also Highlighted Through In-Home Display Cards!

We will make a list highlighting specific features we want the buyer to notice during a showing.

• We’ll then place the in-home display cards throughout the home.


• MLS agents will bring their buyers to view your home.

But The Problem Is Each agent will show your home their own way.


 In fact, some agents will not show your home properly at all!

This Presents Us With A MAJOR PROBLEM!

We Simply CAN’T Allow Their Inexperience To Cause Us To Lose A Buyer!


I Am Absolutely Determined that ALL BUYERS

be given every opportunity to view your home properly.

The In-Home Display Card Strategy Is Our only

solution to ensuring all buyers  see your home in the SAME WAY.

Can you see how this will allow your home to compete

successfully against other homes within your price range?

Display Cards Give A Reason For The Buyer To ASK QUESTIONS!


Reason # 4 Helping You To MARKET “Outside-Home” Effectively!


the power of open houses and home specific advertising!


Open Houses…

LESS THAN 5% of homes sell through an open house.


Home Specific Newspaper Advertising…

LESS THAN 3% of homes sell through all the various newspaper advertising of Realtors.


But This DOESN’T Sound Right… Does It?


Then WHY Are…

Open Houses And Ads Used By Realtors?

Open Houses = Lead Gathering!


Their primary use is to gather leads, as open house visitors tend to be lookers and NOT qualified buyers. Realtors understand it will take as long as one year for a few of these leads to become serious qualified buyers.


Newspaper Ads… Three Reasons!

1. To build name recognition for the Realtor.

2. To gather leads.

3. To find first-time buyers.




Reason # 5 Helping You To Reach Buyers Through The MLS!

Who Do We Need To Reach FIRST When Selling Your Home?


MLS Realtors!

Why? Because at least one of them will have the buyer who will purchase your home.

That’s why we need an MLS Marketing Strategy that causes

MLS Realtors to want to show your home to their buyers!

Understanding The MLS Is CRITICAL For Your Success!


Understanding The MLS!

It’s Designed For Sellers, Not Buyers!

The MLS is a service dedicated to move-up sellers.

Move-Up Sellers Are Your Target Buyers!

These move-up sellers can only buy when their current home sells.

Move-Up Sellers Represent 95%!

Only 5% of buyers in the market are first time buyers while 95% are move-up sellers.


The MLS Allows You To EASILY TARGET Your Potential Buyer!


The MLS Buyer Market Consists Of Two Groups!


Group 1


5% of the total buyer group

This group buys ENTRY LEVEL HOMES


Group 2


95% of the total buyer group



Which Group Would Be Most Interested In YOUR Home?


Ads & A First Time Buyer Home!

If It Is A First Time Buyer Home…


Then the MLS will not be the best source for targeting your buyer.


Rather We Need To Depend On Ads!

And not just our own ads but the collective ads of all real estate companies.


MLS Collective Advertising!

Through the collective advertising efforts of all companies, the first time buyer is found.


If Your Home Is A REPEAT Home, Then We Focus On The MLS!

Let’s say your home is worth $200,000.

After you sell, you will most likely be moving up to a more expensive home.

This moving up provides the secret to us on where we will find your buyer.


The average buyer moves up 20% to 30% in value. This means MLS agents who have listings between $140,000 to$160,000 will have a homeowner who needs to buy up to a $200,000 home once his $140,000 to $160,000 home sells.


The MLS Secret! Understanding Where Your Buyer Is Currently Located!

This clearly reveals to us where we can expect to find the buyer for your home. All we need to do is take your asking price and subtract 20% to 30% from the price. This will give us the pricing range where your 95% group of buyers are now listed and located!


This is how your buyer is found by a Realtor!


Let’s DO THE MATH To Find Your Buyer!

This exercise will assist us in targeting your buyer through a simple calculation!

1 Your Home Value Estimate Is…


2 Top Of Range Is…

Home Value – (Home Value x 20%) =


3 Bottom Of Range Is…

Home Value – (Home Value x 30%) =

Your MLS Buyer’s Home Listing Range Is…




Our Next Question Is…

How Do We Reach This Target Group? Through Email Marketing!

I forward a LETTER and a copy of your listing to the listing agents for these homes.


Through Telephone Contact!

I then CALL the listing agents for these homes reminding them about your home.


Through Internet Marketing!

Another EMAIL is then sent to the Realtor asking him to view your home on the net.


Finally, We Need To MONITOR The Sale Of These Homes!

Monitoring These Homes Is ESSENTIAL!

Each Home Is Tracked Daily!

The MLS releases DAILY the homes that just sold within the system.


When A Target Home Is Sold!

I IMMEDIATELY call the listing agent to let him know once again about your home.

Another Email Is Sent!

Another EMAIL sent to the listing agent asking him to take his client to your home.

This Cycle Is Repeated Over And Over Again Until Your Home Is SOLD!


Reason # 6 Helping You To Reach Buyers Through The INTERNET!

Unique Web Site Marketing


Your own Listing web site.

Your own 24-7 Open House web site.

Through Report web sites.

Through my Personal Agent web sites.

Through flyer web site marketing by email to my existing prospect database.

It’s The MOST EFFECTIVE Internet Marketing System Available Today!


Reason # 7 Helping You To Qualify The Buyer!

There Are 5 Buyer Types!

1. A never buy buyer.

2. A bargain basement buyer.

3. A not in a hurry buyer.

4. A not prepared but serious buyer.

5. A pre-approved serious qualified buyer.

But We Only Want The 5th Type… A Pre-Approved Serious Qualified Buyer!


What Is… A Pre-Approved Serious Qualified Buyer? He’s A Move-Up Homeowner!


We have two types of serious buyers:

First… Is a buyer who wants to buy, but does not

have to buy since they have yet to sell their home.

Second… Is a buyer who needs to buy because

they just sold their home. (Move-Up Seller!)


And Only Through The MLS Are Move-Up Sellers Found!


Reason # 8 Helping You To Negotiate With The Buyer!

We Can Get You More Money! Negotiating an offer is not easy,

for emotions tend to get involved. (Example: Unions & Management)

Real Estate Is Often The Same!

Should the seller and buyer negotiate directly,

often the emotional difficulties of negotiation causes the seller to lose the buyer.

A Realtor serves as a third party and is in a much better

position to maintain the buyer to current market value.

A Realtor Uses Market Data To PROVE Home Value To A Buyer!


Reason # 9 Helping You To Assist The Buyer With FINANCING!

Being Ready To Step In!

Sometimes even pre-approved buyers can find themselves in some mortgage trouble.

We Know Additional Sources!

And should that happen, we refer the buyer to

additional sources of financing to make sure the sale closes on time.


Can you see how we may be able to save a sale when the buyer needs some extra help?

FINANCING ISSUES Represent 87% Of All Closing Related Problems!


Reason # 10 Helping You To Keep The Buyer After The Sale!  It’s Called Buyer Remorse!

All of us experience buyer remorse, be it a purchase of a car or a home.

But Some Experience It More!

Some buyers actually develop an acute case of buyer remorse. And when this happens,

I step in to prove their purchase through a competitive market analysis.

Were you aware a buyer can suffer from this condition?

BUYER REMORSE Represents 11% Of All Closing Related Problems!


Reason # 11 Keeping You Informed About The Progress Of The Sale!

Daily… When you list with me, I promise to keep you up-to-date every day.

Personal Contact! In addition to the service site, I will contact you personally by phone as well.


Reason # 12 Helping You To Determine The Best Asking Price!

My Service Guarantee!

Are you aware you can fire me if I do not do all the activities

I said I would concerning the marketing of your home?


Will Now Turn To The Pricing Plan For Your Home!


The Last Way You Will Benefit…

By having me represent you is that I can help you to determine

the very best asking price for your home.


My Goal Is Simple… To get you the highest possible price the market is willing to bear at this time.

And To Realize This Goal… We need to understand how to analyze

the market and how it is affecting the value of your home.


Why Is This Important?

Because NO ONE INDIVIDUAL Controls Market Value, Be It A Realtor OR A Seller!


How Is Pricing… Determined When Selling A Home?

We Work From A CMA Or what is known as a Competitive Market Analysis.

 It contains three significant factors:


1. Similar Homes Recently Sold!

This tells us what buyers are willing to pay for this kind of home in this area at this time.


2. Similar Homes Now For Sale!

This tells us about our competition. Buyers will compare your home to these homes.


3. Expired Listings!

This tells us what buyers are not willing to pay for this kind of home in this area at this time.


Sales Excitement…

Produces Fantastic Results When Selling Your Home!


But Who Needs To Be Excited?

To get a home sold once, we actually need to sell it twice.

First To The MLS Realtors! Then To Their Buyers!


So to Get The Most Money, Quickest Sale And Fewest Problems…

We need to get MLS Realtors excited about your home.




How Price Affects… Excitement and Therefore The Number Of Showings To Expect!

There Are 4 Price Excitement Points… That will determine sale success.

1. Priced Above Market Value & Showable Generates low excitement.

2. Priced Right & Not Showable Generates medium excitement.

3. Priced Above Market Value Generates big problems for the sale.

4. Priced Right & Showable - Your success equation.


#4 Creates Excitement, Showings And A TOP DOLLAR SALE!

21 Tips For Home Selling Success!

1 Curb Appeal: Bring it to the best appearance possible.

2 Driveway: Fix needed repairs, wash it or clean it.

3 Roof: How is the condition?

4 Mailbox: Make it attractive.

5 Front Door: Must be in the best shape possible.

6 Windows: Clean and crack free?

7 Exterior Paint: How is the condition?

8 Garage Door: How is the condition?

9 Front, Side & Back Yards: Must be in the best shape.

10 Your Cars: If not in good shape, remove them from driveway for showings.

11 Front Entry: Clean & free of clutter

12 Closets & Rooms: Remove as much clothing and furniture as possible.

13 Carpet: Must be clean.

14 Door Leading to Garage: Have door unlocked and garage clean.

15 Interior Paint: Must be in the best shape possible.

16 Light Bulbs: Make sure all work.

17 Furnace & Air Conditioner: Clean them up and working good.

18 Home Clutter: Eliminate it.

19 Kitchen: Clean and bright at all times.

20 Baths & Bedrooms & Pool: Clean and bright at all times.

21 Home Smell: Must be fresh. If you smoke… use air freshener.